$wp_rewrite and WordPress 2.0

When I upgraded to WordPress 2.0, I had an issue with $wp_rewrite related to a plugin. The plugin was using the plugins_loaded hook and then trying to access the $wp_rewrite object. One of the changes in 2.0 was to move the instantiation of the $wp_rewrite object to after the plugins_loaded hook. I fixed the problem by editing the plugin to use the init hook instead.

So just as a “heads up” to plugin authors: you might want to consider using the init hook from now on, as it happens a little later in the game, and it’s more likely that the thing you need will be available.

Also, once WordPress 2.0 is officially released, I will be updating the WP Hooks site to reflect the new hooks, and their new contexts.

12 thoughts on “$wp_rewrite and WordPress 2.0

  1. Hi! I have a question about the plugin to search for links outside the domain of the blog. I am new to this, and setting up using WP 1.5. I know WP2.0 will be available Dec 26. Since you seem deeply involved in this, will the new version include your plugin,? Will it be able to link to outside webpages? I couldn’t believe that such a seemingly basic idea wasn’t built in to version 1.5, and spent hours tracking down the problem until I saw your post. If the new version won’t have this, I need to download and install it. Is the exact filename The beginning and ending are a bit confusing to me. By the way, I would like to make a donation, but PayPal doesn’t work for me (long story). Is there some other way? Thanks, Mike Murdock

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