WP Hooks Updates

I’ve given the WP Hook Database a little bit of love, by which I mean that I’ve put in a whole bunch of hooks that were missing. Most of them were WP 2.0 ones that my grep missed, but there were a few 1.5.2 ones that somehow escaped me entirely! Anyway, bug thanks to the eagle-eyed Abhijit Nadgouda who helped identify over 35 hooks that were missing. I did an additional grep run and found another 5 or 6 too. I’m still only 30% done documenting them, but I’m hoping to make steady progress and have it done in a few months, at which point I’ll be able to keep up by documenting hooks as they are added or changed in /trunk/.

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the database, incomplete as it is. I think that just knowing that a hook exists is half the battle… once you know that, it is trivial to look it up and see what it does. The search capability and the categories have proven to be the most useful aspects of the database.

What I’d like to do is add feedback functions to the database so that people can say “hey, there’s a mistake here” or “you’re missing a hook,” but this will probably have to wait until the project is closer to being fully documented.

Interesting… the WP Hooks Database has a higher Google Pagerank (7) than my fairly-well-trafficked blog (6)!

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