WordPress 2.0.2

WordPress 2.0.2 is out. Go download now. It fixes several security issues, so I would recommend immediate action.

Just to be clear: the security issues fixed were not the ones that several “security groups” claimed to have uncovered. Those issues were either minor, or outright BS. The issues fixed in WordPress 2.0.2 were brought up privately by Michael Boman, Robert Deaton, Ryan Boren and myself. Many thanks to the above individuals as well as David House for helping patch these holes.

I’m hoping that this will be the last release in the 2.0.x line… WordPress 2.1 is getting some awesome features and code reworks. I don’t want to promise too much, but how would you like built-in plugin installation, update notification, and upgrades? How would you like to be able to schedule WordPress to do things as you sleep (pseudo cron)? How about draft pages? And how about very real speed increases because of query optimization and code reworks? Yeah, me too… people are working on it. 🙂