Zeldman Now on WordPress!

Busy night… not only is WordPress 2.0.2 out, I’ve just heard the news that Web icon Jeffery Zeldman has moved 11 years worth of hand-coded HTML posts to WordPress. Wow. What’s, more, read what he had to say about it.

Thinks like a designer

Even though this is the web and not print, as a designer I still care how the type is going to sit in the page. Over 90% of web users never change the default font size. WordPress’s live preview, continuously updated as I write and save, shows me what most readers will see, and lets me revise for better copyfit with one tenth the effort I used to make.

Even if you’re not a copyfitting freak, there’s something about previewing your writing in your layout that’s better than seeing it in someone else’s.

There are other great web writing tools out there, but this is the first I know of that lets me see my site as I’m writing. It helps layout, it helps tone, it helps everything.

I’m wearing an ear-to-ear grin here, because that feature was my idea, and I wrote the patch that enabled it. It’s actually funny how much attention it has gotten. It took me 5 minutes to put it in, and maybe another 10 for CSS tweaking. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter!

2 thoughts on “Zeldman Now on WordPress!

  1. Heh. Nice. It’s sometimes interesting to take a step back from the dollar signs and semi-colons and realise that people actually use that stuff you write 🙂

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