WordPress Spell Check

I’m such a tease. Note that this is in early stages (as in, the first public draft was uploaded by Andy Skelton only an hour ago). Click for video.

WordPress Spell Check

Testers needed to test it on various browsers and server environments!

(Search Trac for the ticket… don’t want to turn it into an “omg I want it” fest!)

13 thoughts on “WordPress Spell Check

  1. I’d love to test it out – my wp is in a standard LAMP environment but I use Flock, Safari, Camino and Firefox on Mac so I could test those browsers.

  2. So this will be available in 2.0.3?
    I am really hoping that it is thorough. Most of the plugins out there only catch about 75% of the misspelled words.

  3. I have been looking for a stable WordPress 2.0 compatable Spell Checker plugin for quite a while now, which, well actually works! I’d be happy to test out this system.

  4. This is in Trunk now, and will be available in WordPress 2.1, hopefully before the end of Summer. Don’t know if anyone is going to write it as a plugin for the 2.x branch… don’t know if that’s possible even.

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