TextMate WordPress Plugin Snippet

Check out this time-saving bit of TextMate awesomeness (click for video):

TextMate WordPress

After typing “wpplugin” I pressed TAB, which brought in the plugin template. Each time you see me jumping to the next field, I’m pressing TAB again.

Here’s the TextMate “Snippet” that made it happen:

Plugin Name: ${1:My Plugin}
Version: ${2:0.1}
Plugin URI: http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/${3:plugin-slug}/
Description: ${4:What does this do?}
Author: ${5:Mark Jaquith}
Author URI: ${6:http://txfx.net/}



You know, if you can save yourself 2 minutes a day, that’s over 12 hours a year. Something to think about.

5 thoughts on “TextMate WordPress Plugin Snippet

  1. In one fell swoop, you shared a snippet that’s bound to save me tons of time *and* finally made it clear how to create awesome custom snippets in textmate. Thank you so much!

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