I’ve been incredibly busy lately, both with school and work, and my level of WordPress involvement has been lower than usual, and lower than I’d like. Hopefully once I get my current projects finished off, I’ll have more time to contribute.

I did, however, manage to finally write a patch for Comment Meta. Owen likes it and Dougal +1’d the idea when I suggested it in January. Matt says it seems like “edge functionality,” but you know what… so was the baseball field that Kevin Costner built in the middle of a cornfield. Heh, kidding. 😀

What I meant to say is that while the potential uses of comment meta now can be counted on one hand, it’s one of those things that opens up new possibilities for plugins that we’ve not even yet imagined. People are using WordPress for more than just vanilla blogs. One of my current projects is using WordPress as a petition system whereby people add signatures (WP comments) to a category (WP posts). With comment meta, I could have added a poll to each signature, collected more data (like a mailing address), etc.

I finally got my Shure SM-58 microphone (thanks to leftjustified in #wordpress for that recommendation) and I got an M-Audio MobilePre USB box that converts the microphone’s output into crisp digital audio (I tried the Griffin iMic, but it simply wasn’t designed for a high-end XLR mic, and the quality wasn’t satisfactory). So when I have some free time, I’m going to be making more narrated WordPress screencasts. I’ve been debating and talking with people about what I should do next, and I think my next video will be a tour of the WordPress theme system. I’ll likely just build a theme from scratch, and show off some tricks and tips. There seems to be a lot of interest in theme building, especially from people who aren’t PHP wizards, so I’d like to make something that can give those people a running start.

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