Despite Issues, WordPress 2.0.3 Is Worth Your Time

WordPress 2.0.3 was released with many annoying bugs, mostly having to do with the admin interface. Because of this, I’ve seen several people say that they’re going to wait for 2.0.4. I’ve seen others advocating that people not upgrade.

Listen to me. Upgrade. Now. Yesterday, even.

I absolutely understand that some of the issues are frustrating, and that for most people, upgrading WordPress is a hassle they don’t want to go through more than they have to. WordPress 2.0.3 is a security release. Which is more of an inconvenience to you: having to upgrade WordPress twice in a month, or having your entire blog irrevocably deleted?

I’ve been working diligently since the day that WordPress 2.0.3 came out to write and update my WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup plugin to fix the annoying bugs that have surfaced. I will continue to do so, as best I can, until WordPress 2.0.4 is released. It’s a plugin, so you upload one small file, and activate it. If you find any more annoyances, file a bug report (I get e-mail notification for all bug reports submitted) or send it to me directly. I’ll incorporate them into the Tuneup plugin as best I can. Please, upgrade. WordPress 2.0.4 could be many weeks away.

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