WordCamp Itinerary

For those people going to WordCamp in San Francisco, I will be arriving on August 3rd and staying through the 5th. I should be all settled into my hotel room by 2pm on the 3rd, so I’m free the rest of that day and all day Friday the 4th. If you’re free either of those days and want to meet up, let me know via e-mail or by leaving a comment here. If enough people are going to be in town on the 4th, we might be able to get some small groups together and do pre-game stuff for the main event on the 5th.

Here’s the list of events that I’m interested in attending on the 5th:

  • State of the Word (keynote)
  • Plugin Showcase
  • HOWTO make a plugin
    • This might be good… get a panel of plugin developers together and have them discuss their methodologies and discuss things like filters/actions, current_user_can(), nonces, activation/deactivation hooks
  • What’s new in WP 2.1
  • High Performance WordPress
    • I wish Owen Winkler could make it, but this should still be an interesting topic. I hope that Matt and the Automattic crew can talk about WordPress.com and its technical foundations.
  • Beyond Blogs/Versatility of WordPress /Wordpress Beyond Blogs
    • Looks like this one got added thrice. I’d like to see some of the most extreme and inventive non-blog uses of WordPress, preferably with comments from their developers.
  • WordPress Consulting
    • This is my bread and butter, so I’d like to hear what others are doing in this area.
  • WordPress Wishlist
    • Would be nice to hear what ideas people have for WP’s future. I’m particularly interested in things that would make WordPress more flexible/extendable and in things that would streamline WP use.
  • Roadmap developer discussion
  • Interviews
    • Definitely want to see people showcase the nuts and bolts of their sites.

5 thoughts on “WordCamp Itinerary

  1. Hey Mark–

    I’ll be arriving on the 3rd too. Where are you planning on staying? Maybe we can grab a beer Thursday or Friday? I’ll be posting my session attendance plan soon – just haven’t yet.

    Will be good to meet you.


  2. (Replied to Aaron in a private e-mail)

    I’ll see if I can get a hold of a portable digital recorder and record some sessions/discussions.

    Hopefully we’ll get more notice next year. 🙂

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