New WordPress Plugin: Clutter Free

Many people have told me that there are portions of the WordPress posting interface that they never use. Even when collapsed, these sections can take up significant room. My new plugin, Clutter Free aims to fix that. Using this plugin, you can eliminate several portions of the posting interface, including:

  • Categories
  • Comment Status (“Discussion”)
  • Post Password
  • Post Slug
  • Post Status
  • Post Timestamp
  • Post Author
  • Optional Excerpt
  • Image Upload
  • Quicktags
  • Bookmarklet
  • Footer

These settings are stored for each user, so every author on your blog can have his or her own customized interface.

For an extreme example, check out this shot with everything removed. (The section on the right is something I developed… see here for more info.)

WP Posting Interface

Clutter Free requires WordPress 2.0.5 or 2.1 (works with these builds as of September 26th, 2006). You can use it with 2.0.4, but there are several sections that you won’t be able to hide, because they didn’t have distinctive CSS IDs in 2.0.4

32 thoughts on “New WordPress Plugin: Clutter Free

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  2. Sounds great, it’s a practical plugin because it does what alot of us need. I’ll wait till WP 2.1 reaches us and then use it.

  3. Same here, I’ll wait for 2.1 before installing it.

    I think it will be better if there is an option where only the admins can change the settings for multi-user blogs and not on a per author basis (and also saving database space). Or maybe it’s another plugin.

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  5. Aaron,
    I thought about adding that, but it would have been a lot more coding. 🙂 Right now it’s just a cosmetic change. If it was an admin forbidding, I’d have to take steps to actually disable the hidden sections, so that a user couldn’t work around it. Maybe for version 2.

    And the plugin works on 2.0.5, which should be out in a few weeks.

  6. Is there a way to use this to allow members of the public to post articles that automatically go to “draft” so a Admin can authorise later?

  7. Great plugin — it is working well on 2.0.5. Is there anyway to have all the panels disabled by default? I’ve modified the plugin so that “Post Preview” can’t be disabled, but I’d like for everything else NOT to be visible until manually enabled by the user (the opposite of how it is now).

    It seems like there would be a quick way to add this functionality into the plugin, but I’ve spent 2 hours on it so far and have yet to find it!

  8. Same question as sam :
    This plugin is great ! But I would like other users to have a default setup with fewer panels… There should be an easy way to do that ?

  9. Great plugin. Any chance of implementing the default behavior of a clean write screen as requested by folks in this comment thread?

  10. Hi, How can reduce the amount of wasted space at the top of the write panels? Above and below “Edit Page” or “Edit Post”, there is tons of space that could go to the text entry field itself. It kind of drives me nuts, but I haven’t found the right wp css/php file yet. Thanks!

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