Evoca Browser Mic

My session co-leader at BlogOrlando was Drew Odom. Drew works for a startup called Evoca, an audio-recording and playback company (surely there’s a cooler way to say that). I got to see a sneak peek of their new Browser Mic feature, which lets you embed a flash applet in your sidebar that you readers can use to record audio messages for you, without leaving your site (or even the page currently being viewed). It’s pretty slick. When Drew found out that WordPress was my thing, he asked if I would be interested in creating a WordPress plugin for them. Sure was!

Here it is, the Evoca Browser Mic Plugin for WordPress. I even worked with Evoca to set it up so that registered Evoca users can download a version of the plugin with their account ID already hardcoded. This makes setup a breeze… just upload the plugin, activate it, and your users can start leaving you audio messages. Go sign up and give it a try!

Evoca Browser Mic plugin for WordPress

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