WordPress 2.0.5 Upgrade: changed files ZIP, changes diff, changed files list

WordPress 2.0.5 has been released, incorporating security fixes, and 50+ other bug fixes. This is a mandatory upgrade. If you want the full zip with the entire WP install, download it here.

If you are upgrading from WordPress 2.0.4, you obviously don’t need the entire install, you just need the files that have changed. Because my 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 and 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 upgrade files were so popular (and thanks to countless words of praise and even a few generous monetary donations), I’m going to continue to provide the same files for this and future 2.0.x upgrades.

Changed Files List

Changed Files List (2.0.4 » 2.0.5)
This is a list of all the files that have changed since the last (2.0.4) release. You can also see the changes and their corresponding tickets on Trac.

Changed Files ZIP

Changed Files ZIP (2.0.4 » 2.0.5)
This is what most people will want. This is a zip file that includes only the files that have changed since the last (2.0.4) release. This will save you a lot of FTP upload time.
Note: the /wp-content/ directory isn’t included in this file, to keep you from doing something stupid like replacing instead of merging and destroying your precious themes and plugins. One of the default plugins has been updated for 2.0.4, and the sidebar.php file for the classic theme has been updated. If you use either of these files, you should download their newest versions: WordPress Database Backup, Classic sidebar.

Changes Diff

Changes Diff (2.0.4 » 2.0.5)
This is a diff file (a patch) with all the changes made since the last (2.0.4) release. Make sure you do a trial run by using the patch command’s --dry-run switch, to verify that the patch will apply cleanly.


I prepared these files myself and have tested them. Still, I cannot stress enough the importance of making a full file and database backup before attempting to upgrade WordPress using these or any other files. I cannot be responsible for your carelessness. Make a backup!

Now that I have commit access and am the official 2.0.x branch maintainer, I should mention that these files are unofficial. They were made on my own time, of my own volition, without any input from other WordPress developers and without any official sanction from Automattic inc.

194 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.5 Upgrade: changed files ZIP, changes diff, changed files list

  1. Thanks Mark! 🙂 I was searching around this morning trying to see if I needed to go from 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4 and then finally to 2.0.5. Just checking a few locations regarding 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4 were simple, and your “short-list” to get to v2.0.5 means I can just make the leap!

    Thanks for doin’ for us what source control does best!

    “Just the diffs, man!”

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  5. Hey, thanks for this, but I don’t understand what to do where you said “. If you use either of these files, you should download their newest versions: WordPress Database Backup,”

    I clicked the link for > and I don’t see what to do on that linked page. It’s got the code, I just want the plugin file… help please?

  6. I clicked the link for > and I don’t see what to do on that linked page. It’s got the code, I just want the plugin file… help please?

    At the very bottom, you’ll see a link to the raw version that you can download.

  7. Ah, i just used the changed files zip to upgrade. much faster.
    (i found this through the wordpress support forum)

    – Thanks

  8. It worked fine! Thanks.

    I simply download and extract ZIP. Then uploaded extracted content directly to my site -without disabling plugins-. When finished, blog loaded perfectly and when I entered …/blog/wp-admin I pressed the upgrade database link that lead me to the usual upgrade screen. After this last screen -clicking the proper link-, everithing is OK.

    WP is easier than anything.

    Thank you!

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  12. Hi Everyone,

    I just found this site that looks alot easier to download the new update for WP BUT, I have never made any updates at all to date to my one blog and recently had a disaster where my hosting went down and it took me days to sort out my blog again as lost all my info which I then had to retrieve.
    Because of this I’m a little worried about doing something wrong.

    Can anyone give me step by step instructions concerning how to back up firstly so I dont loose any info then the easiest way to upgrade please with the zip file above that Mark has done.

    I dont think my blog is on my hardrive, just my C panel I think ………..if you need to know this to advise me……..
    Hope this made sense.

    Kind Regards

  13. Hello! I am a bit behind, just realized about 2.0.5 today. For some reason, I can’t download your files, the server for the links to the zip or diff always time out. Anything I am doing wrong?

  14. Thank you!!

    The diff file makes it much quicker to figure out which files I may or may not have edited that need upgrades.

    Gee, maybe I should write down all the files I change to make upgrading less dicey next time….

  15. Jason,

    Even better is to implement your changes via the plugin hooks. And if you find something that you can’t do via plugin, feel free to e-mail me or open a ticket on Trac or ping the wp-hackers list for guidance. We’re big into adding hooks so that people can modify WordPress exclusively via plugins — it makes things so much easier come upgrade time!

  16. Hey Mark, just wanted to say thanks for making it easier to upgrade WP. I finally got around to it today (from 2.0.4), and forgot that it only takes a minute. Keep on keeping on… 🙂

  17. Hi Mark, this is the first time i’ve came across your blog but I can assure you I will definitely be back. I’m very impressed.

  18. Thanks for this useful post with the link to WordPress 2.0.5.

    I’ve now installed the upgrade and I’ve thankfully seen the improvements from pervious versions.

    I wasn’t sure about WordPress at first but after a few friends recommended it to me I decided to give it a try and I’m glad that I did.

    Anyway, thanks for the information Mark.

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