WordPress 2.1.3 Upgrade: changed files ZIP, changes diff, changed files list

WordPress 2.1.3 has been released, incorporating multiple security fixes. This is a mandatory upgrade. If you want the full zip with the entire WP install, download it here.

If you are upgrading from WordPress 2.1.2, you obviously don’t need the entire install, you just need the files that have changed. Because my upgrade files for 2.0.3 through 2.1 were so popular (and thanks to countless words of praise and even a few generous monetary donations), I’m going to continue to provide the same files for this and future 2.1.x upgrades.

Changed Files List

Changed Files List (2.1.2 » 2.1.3)
This is a list of all the files that have changed since the last (2.1.2) release. You can also see the changes and their corresponding tickets on Trac.

Changed Files ZIP

Changed Files ZIP (2.1.2 » 2.1.3)
This is what most people will want. This is a zip file that includes only the files that have changed since the last (2.1.2) release. This will save you a lot of FTP upload time.

Changes Diff

Changes Diff (2.1.2 » 2.1.3)
This is a diff file (a patch) with all the changes made since the last (2.1.2) release. Make sure you do a trial run by using the patch command’s --dry-run (or equivalent) switch, to verify that the patch will apply cleanly.


I prepared these files myself and have tested them. Still, I cannot stress enough the importance of making a full file and database backup before attempting to upgrade WordPress using these or any other files. I cannot be responsible for your carelessness. Make a backup!

I should mention that these files are unofficial. They were made on my own time, of my own volition, without any input from other WordPress developers and without any official sanction from Automattic inc.

19 thoughts on “WordPress 2.1.3 Upgrade: changed files ZIP, changes diff, changed files list

  1. Thanks a bunch, this is fantastic. (BTW it looks like there is a # at the beginning of the link to the .zip file that probably needs to be removed.)

    I just upgraded fifteen sites in less than two minutes. This is an incredible resource!

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  4. Hello, thx for this one more time. But I think the link is down ( even using the good link without the # )…
    I’ll wait for it to be live again…

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