Use official packages for 2.2

I sat down to crank out some upgrade packages for 2.1.3 to 2.2, but fairly quickly realized that there wasn’t much point. So much has changed, that the upgrade packages would be enormous. A diff wouldn’t work because images have been added, and a whole bunch of files have been deleted, which means an upgrade would leave a bunch of cruft.

So if you’re upgrading to 2.2, just use the official packages. Cross-branch upgrade files just aren’t worth it.

I’ll have upgrade files for 2.0.11 once it is released, and if 2.2 sees any security/bugfix releases, I’ll do upgrade files for those too.

8 thoughts on “Use official packages for 2.2

  1. I just upgraded to WP 2.2 and now am seriously considering going back to WP 2.13.


    WP 2.2 apparently doesn’t allow for line breaks in the comments. Everything is run together. There have been several support items about this and so far there seems to be no resolution yet.

  2. DJ Allyn, are you using a plugin called “More Smilies”? Two of the reports I’ve read have determined that actually it’s this plugin causing the problem, not WP 2.2.

  3. DJ, it’s definitely not a WP problem. I’ve also heard of the “More Smilies” plugin doing it, and there may be others. Look for plugins that modify the_content

  4. Hmm.. I usually copy everything but the wp-content folder to my webserver with my ftp client set to ‘overwrite’. Is there a list of files that are no longer needed, so I can remove them from my install?

    P.S. Thanks so much for your changed files releases. I maintain so many WP-based sites it saves me an incredible amount of time.

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