What my new job means for my WordPress contributions

On June 1st, I will start working for b5media Inc, a blog network running WordPress (read more here). Early on in the discussions for this position, I put my foot down on this point: I wasn’t interested in taking the job if b5media was going to use me to influence the WordPress project in ways that would be bad for the community. I wanted to retain complete independence with regard to my WordPress contributions. They were surprised that we were even talking about it — “that goes without saying!” I figured it did, but I had to be sure. And now, I want you to be sure.

My contributions to WordPress will continue to be made using my independent judgement. All changes that b5media wants to go into WordPress will have to go through the proper channels, as they always have. They won’t get any special consideration. If it’s not right for WordPress, it won’t go in.

And here it is, from the CEO’s mouth.

10 thoughts on “What my new job means for my WordPress contributions

  1. Great job with the job. 🙂 I know you’ll enjoy it. Congrats and I look forward to continuing to watch MarkJaquith.WordPress.com.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for all your contributions to WordPress. I hope you like your new job (congrats), and I’m sure you’ll continue being a positive in the Wonderful World of WordPress!

  3. Well, this sounds like an upward career move, indeed ; )

    I went to see what the b5media blog network looked like and the blog authors clearly put a lot of effort in their work. In roughly 30 minutes, I learned many new things so yes, I bookmarked some blogs!

    Continue your excellent work.

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