7 thoughts on “Truemors WP Login Skin

  1. matt: Unfortunaley, Guy made his changes via modifying the image / wp-admin.css files, but the login page is actually 100% skinnable via hooks! I worked hard to make sure it was. 😉

    And it’s actually very simple to modify. Just hook into the “login_head” hook and output some CSS or a link to a stylesheet. In that CSS, just overwrite the existing CSS rules with your own, linking to your own images rather than the default ones.

    1. Viper,
      Awesome work! This is exactly what I needed. Using WP for an install that will have an outside admin for WP updates, and I needed to control the wp-admin files/styling from inside our theme. I just implemented the hooks and styling. Thank you for the work!

  2. I love the fact that I can change the look of the login screen. I did it for my login screen at TechTraction and for my kids blog (I posted screen shots of the before and after back at my blog). What I like about the customization is that if you build a site for someone based on WordPress, you can customize their login screen to give it that extra bit of “wow” appeal.

    Anyone know how to shut off the news items that appear on the main Dashboard page? My kids keep asking me to shut that off. They find it distracting.

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