WordCamp 2007

I’ll be at WordCamp in San Francisco on July 21st and 22nd. I’m actually going to be arriving in San Francisco on the 17th. I’m taking advantage of the company-sponsored flight to take a little time off. My wife Sarah will be joining me for the duration of my stay. We don’t have any definite plans for the 17th through the 20th, but we’ll likely do some touristy stuff and catch up with some friends in the area. If you live in SF or are going to be arriving a few days early for WordCamp, drop me a line and maybe we can meet up! I definitely want to see the folks from Automattic and maybe get some WordPress brainstorming done before the conference!

I’ll be participating in two sessions at WordCamp — one on each day. The first day is oriented towards non-technical topics, and the second is more focused on developer topics.

At 3pm on Saturday, I’ll be doing Getting Involved with WordPress with Automattic’s Lloyd Budd. Lloyd will be covering the more general topics of why you might want to contribute to the project (and how you might already be doing so!) and I’ll be diving into the details a bit more as well as sharing what I’ve learned about the WordPress community and development process over the last three years.

On Sunday at 4:30pm I’ll be participating in the Developer Duke-out session along with Matt Mullenweg, Ryan Boren, Andy Skelton et al (probably anyone on the “about” page who happens to be there). I actually have no idea what we’re doing in this session, but if I had to guess, I’d imagine we’d be talking about the future of WordPress development as well as fielding a lot of questions from the audience.

The lineup of speakers is really great this year. I’m particularly looking forward to the sessions by Matt Cuts, Robert Hoekman, Jr., Rashmi Sinha, and Liz Danzico.

Hope to see you there!

12 thoughts on “WordCamp 2007

  1. Not looking forward to mine, Mark? 😦

    I’m looking forward to all of the great speakers. There are some wonderful topics and I can’t wait to meet everyone.

  2. Everyone is looking forward to that… :-). I wanted to point out the more geek-oriented fare that I was anticipating. I get more joy out of enabling the blogging of others than by actually blogging myself. Hey, maybe you can inspire me!

  3. I am excited to hear more about wordcamp! Can you tell me more about what it was like last year, or what you are expecting this year? I am trying to decide for sure whether to come or not.

  4. Hi Mark!
    I don’t know where else to put this post and it’s pretty off-topic. I just like the clean look of your Sunburn theme and am interested in applying it to my blog. Although I noticed that the regular Sunburn theme is dark and orangey… you must’ve altered the CSS codes to give it that fresh cool look.

    Do you mind if I ask you how I could do the same thing to my blog? May I ask for the modified CSS codes? If it means that I have to purchase the CSS upgrade, no problem.
    Sorry again for being off-topic.

    Thanks a bunch in advance! 🙂

  5. Chuckster,

    Yep, I altered the CSS. You can get it by viewing the source and the linked CSS files. Feel free to copy it. Let me know if you improve it! And yes, you need to purchase the custom CSS upgrade.

  6. Mark, I’ll be in SF 17-22 as well. Although I don’t land until late tonight. My schedule is still up in the air but I have a good number of friends in SF to meetup with, I’ll see you at wordcamp though, that’s for sure.

  7. Mark,

    PStam is in town too and we’ll be going out the next couple nights. Give me a call at 415 287 7721 and we can try to meet up tonight or tomorrow night.

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