Want to work with me at b5media?

The company I work for, b5media, is hiring. In particular interest to the sort of people who likely read this blog are the following open positions:

  • Server Ninja — If you know how to scale and administer a LAMP stack, we have a ninja suit for you (yes, it does protect you from UV rays). The ideal candidate is based in Toronto, but other locations in Canada or the Eastern Seaboard in the States are also options.
  • Junior Tech Support — This is a Toronto-based position. 25% of the time you’ll be doing IT duties in our Toronoto office (printers, networking, Windows troubleshooting, etc), 25% of the time you’ll be taking care of support issues for the ad team (placing ads, etc), and the other 50% of the time you’ll be taking care of blogger support. This is a “jack of all trades” position. You don’t need to be a WordPress Ninja (like me), but you do need to be familiar with the platform and be able to diagnose basic issues with PHP/WordPress. HTML/CSS/JS knowlege is a must, especially familiarity with techniques for solving issues related to those technologies. You’ll also need good friendly communication skills.
  • WordPress Developer — Ninja-level or near-ninja-level WordPress skills will qualify you for this job. You’ll be writing plugins, integrating WordPress with other systems, solving WordPress core and plugin bugs and passing the fixes up the ladder, scaling the application and helping mentor/assist our tech support person (see above). Plus I get to call you “mini-me” for the first three months. This position is not geographically restricted (that I know of).

Talk to Aaron Brazell (my immediate supervisor… not my bossprivate joke) if you’re interested in one of these technical positions.

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