Guy Kawasaki on WordPress

Guy Kawasaki gave a great talk at Gnomedex 7 and threw some great words of praise at WordPress. Specifically, he talked about how WordPress lowers financial barriers to entry and can enable people to launch sites on shoestring budgets. The lowering of those barriers can actually enable entrepreneurs to launch a web-based business without going for funding. And if you do still need to go after VC, Guy said there’s no excuse for you not having a working version of the site with an active user community to show the VCs.

5 thoughts on “Guy Kawasaki on WordPress

  1. I’ve had a good laugh at a few “new breed” ad agency launches- where the guys who claim to be “New Media” experts send out a press release- long before they have a site- or even a holding page that can be found.
    I’ve been able to capture many of the people looking for these geniuses-since they insist on launching sites built in the ever so non-googleable Flash- or even just a JPG holding page.
    So much style- so little substance….
    WordPress is the best thing to happen to startups- the problem is- most of the web developers don’t want this little secret to get out.

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