Help me pick a WordPress title

I need a WordPress title.

List of lead WordPress developers

Any suggestions? The theme seems to be “self deprecation” or “puns.”

The only one I’ve come up with so far is “Code Mangler.”

39 thoughts on “Help me pick a WordPress title

  1. Well all the ideas are kind of obvious like:

    Lord of the Bugs

    Obi Bug Kenovi (Well this one is based on Star Wars, but is also a word play in spanish, because Kenovi, could be readed in spanish as “Que no vi”, that means “I didnt See”)


    Genomic Bug Father

    Bug pwnerer

    I hope you like one of these.

  2. Mark,
    Thanks for all the great work you do on WordPress.

    I actually thought “Untitled” was funny. Guess that shows where my head is at. It made me think of “Untitled Page” – like you are a page in the medieval sense – with Matt as your overlord – so lowly you have no title. Um. Ehem. You know, I’m just running with the self-deprecation theme here.

    Bug-wise, how about something to do with enhancement?
    VP of Viral Enhancement
    Bug Life Coach
    Bug Esteem Builder
    Bug Team Builder
    Bug Nurse Practitioner

    You are up against some tough competition.

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