8 thoughts on “WordPress presentation at Blog World Expo

  1. Hey mark, regarding the noindex tags, how does that sit together with Matt Cutts saying in WordCamp “Stop worrying about duplicate content – Google knows what a blog looks like”?


  2. Tzafrir, are we talking about slide 3/8 . I don’t think that is what Matt Cutts quite said, further if you are happy with the search results than don’t worry about it — personally, I get tired of seeing pages/category/tag pages in my results.

  3. Interesting that yo have a slide on wp-cache. This and wp-super cache are great in theory, but way too complicated for the average WP user to install. The plugins were written by tech experts for tech experts. I even know a couple tech experts that have described wp-supercache as “by far the hardest plugin install” they have ever done.

  4. Tzafrir (and Lloyd),

    The night before the presentation, I went back and watched Matt’s WordCamp 2007 presentation. I didn’t want to include that if it wasn’t needed, but Matt did directly address the need for this code.

    What he said was that WordPress does suffer slightly from duplicate content, reaching data from multiple directions. So, adding this to your themes should help eliminate any penalties for that from Google’s algorithm.

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