2008 US presidential candidates using WordPress

TwoThree of the candidates for the 2008 US presidential election are running WordPress:

On the Democratic side, we have Joe Biden, rocking an older version of plain-old WordPress.

On the Republican side, we have Fred Thompson, who went with WordPress MU.

Update: Doh! I can’t believe I missed Republican candidate Ron Paul! Dr. Paul’s site is using WordPress MU to run their “people” blogs, which feature several blogs written by supporters of the campaign.

42 thoughts on “2008 US presidential candidates using WordPress

  1. I really do think someone should go and help them upgrade. otherwise – it will be hacked – and people will scrutinize wordpress…

  2. Biden thinks Obama looks “clean and is articulate” – he is a racist scumbag. He talks about how The Indians have taken over all of the Baskins and Robbins ice cream shops. He is an old dittering fool.

    Fred is the Man! Have you seen his Law and Order screen shot?

  3. johnnypeepers, ethnocentric may be a better word to describe Obama than “clean” or “articulate”and I don’t think any of the candidates are as “audacious” when it comes to religion! See my post “Obamination”and scrutinize his church website… saying “ethnocentric” (or afrocentric) is allowing grace!

    Thank you, Mark, for sharing the blogs on Biden and Thompson. This is getting seriously ridiculous and very difficult to “follow the bean”…

  4. No Odale, “clean” and “articulate” were Biden’s words, not mine.

    Clinton cuts a wide swath on the religious landscape as well. Her campaign takes great pains to remind us of her devoutedness and Methodines. She has her mommy make campaign videos for her as a last ditch effort in Iowa.

  5. Oh my god.
    WordPress rocks!
    Fred is somehow very 2.0 guy … he is using
    Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg and Flickr!

  6. Hi again, johnnypeepers! Biden, if memory serves, said “clean” and President Bush said “articulate”…the frenzy over it still makes my head hurt as to the so-called political correctness and silliness of the attacks on things that do not matter and were delivered as compliments then taken as insults to such a degree. If I say, “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight!” am I going to be attacked for inferring the person was overweight? Probably, so, do we just not speak?
    Yeah, I’ve got a whole other opiniion about Hillary giving women the impression of staying with a man for what you can get out of him and putting dignity aside, then giving Methodism a black eye, among other things! Kind of embarrassing how transparent she is with her mom and other “behaviors”. I read this yesterday about her background: http://greatmindsthinkright.com/more.php?id=1179_0_1_0_M
    I don’t claim or endorse”right or left” because so much in the media is fascinatingly twisted. If I must, I would have to go right but not to Huckabee’s stance on the issues.
    Sorry, Mark, don’t mean to hijack your post and appreciate your efforts!

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  8. Odale,

    Here was Biden’s quote:

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    I think it is repulsive that a Democratic Senator, of arguably respectable standing, and who knows full well of the hurdles and obstacles placed in the path of African-American, would make such a hateful comment.

    Why would you inject the adjective “articulate” to describe an African-American? Does he describe his Anglo competitors this way? If so, I have never heard him do it.

    Does he ever describe an Angle as “nice-looking?” To describe Barak this way is to imply that most African-Americans are not nice looking, but that he is the exception, possibly due to his maternal gene contribution.

    He thinks Barak’s story is “storybook” because ti conflicts with his ill-defined narrative and world-view as the Black Man as the victim who requires the doting love and material assistance of his plantation owner.

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  10. Dennis Kucinich has provided a full-blown social networking site for his supporters.

    May I say something here, though, beyond my view on this candidate?

    I hope you will consider the degree to which the Democratic Party is rapidly splitting apart, with Wall Street controlled, do-nothing Democrats (led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Steny Hoyer) on one side and Constitution-defending Democrats on the other.

    The move made on Friday, December 14, 2007 by House Judiciary Committee members Wexler (D-FL), Gutierrez (D-IL), and Baldwin (D-WI) pushing for hearings on Congressman Kucinich’s House Resolution to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney is a very significant development that threatens to break the split in the Democratic Party wide open. I personally welcome this and look forward to the party returning to a more FDR-like posture.

    I would like to invite you to add your name to Congressman Wexler’s online petition calling for immediate impeachment hearings against Vice President Cheney.

    You can watch Congressman Kucinich reading his articles of impeachment on the House floor here.

  11. How did you miss Ron Paul?

    Neglected to click on the “people” tab — just noted that the main campaign blog wasn’t on WordPress. Pretty funny that I missed it, considering that I switched parties to vote for Paul.

  12. Why would you vote for a guy who wants to kill off all government?

    It’s like hiring a Communist to run a bank.

  13. Heck yeah! Go Ron Paul!!! I was a little bit surprised when I didn’t see his name at first, but I knew he had to be using WordPress because he’s my man!

  14. Many people don’t realize what all the fuss about rescinding the Federal Reserve is about. Our site provides the background you need to understand this critical issue.

    All you younger folks (and maybe the rest of us as well) may lose your country if you don’t get behind the Paul campaign. Spread the word. This is the most critical campaign since the 1912 election.

  15. I am a big WordPress fan, because it’s simple, elegant and true to its purpose.

    I just discovered Ron Paul and like him for exactly the same reasons!

    I am switching parties to vote for him in the primaries also. I know lots of web geeks who are discovering Ron Paul- the logical brain seems to gravitate towards logic in politics too?

  16. These are the candidates who are CFR members

    Democrat CFR Candidates:

    Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton
    John Edwards
    Chris Dodd
    Bill Richardson

    Republican CFR Candidates:

    Mitt Romney
    Rudy Giuliani
    John McCain
    Fred Thompson

    Mike Huckabee is being advised by the Director of the CFR according to a recent statement made by him.

    The main, root cause, issues of the 2008 that none of the candidates is talking about (except for Ron Paul) are the following:

    1) the united states debt of $9.2 Trillion
    2) the unfunded liabilities totaling $60 Trillion (U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO))
    3) the monetization of debt (that is, making money out of thin air – Freedom Force International – Welcome)

    Unless your candidate talks about these root-cause issues, they are just spouting empty rhetoric.

    Please research these issues and the CFR, and how the CFR is selling the US out to the international bankers.

    In 2005, CFR co-chair Robert Pastor told Congress, “The best way to secure the US today is not at our two borders with Mexico and Canada, but at the borders of North America as a whole.” The CFR task force he headed called for one border around North America, freer travel within it, and cooperation among Canadian, Mexican and American military forces and law enforcement for greater security. It called for full mobility of labor among the three countries within five years, similar to the European Union.

    The blueprint President Bush is following was laid out in a 2005 report entitled “Building a North American Community” published by the left-of-center Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR report connects the dots between the Bush administration’s actual policy on illegal immigration and the drive to create the North American Union:

    At their meeting in Waco, Texas, at the end of March 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin committed their governments to a path of cooperation and joint action. We welcome this important development and offer this report to add urgency and specific recommendations to strengthen their efforts.

    What is the plan? Simple, erase the borders. The plan is contained in a “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” little noticed when President Bush and President Fox created it in March 2005:

    In March 2005, the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States adopted a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), establishing ministerial-level working groups to address key security and economic issues facing North America and setting a short deadline for reporting progress back to their governments. President Bush described the significance of the SPP as putting forward a common commitment “to markets and democracy, freedom and trade, and mutual prosperity and security.” The policy framework articulated by the three leaders is a significant commitment that will benefit from broad discussion and advice. The Task Force is pleased to provide specific advice on how the partnership can be pursued and realized.

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