Mike Industries switches to WordPress

Mike Davidson, CEO of the very cool Newsvine, switched from Movable Type to WordPress three months ago, and spent some time listing his reasons for doing so. Consider this the antidote for any WordPress community members who were feeling a little bruised by Anil Dash’s recent article about switching in the opposite direction.

Aside to Mike: are you planning on attending Gnomedex this year? Rumored to be the weekend of August 8th. I’d love a chance to meet you.

Aside to Anil: I swear I’m going to reply to the technical points of your WP 2.5 article eventually. There are a few points that merit correction, and other points that deserve a response.

10 thoughts on “Mike Industries switches to WordPress

  1. I upgraded from 2.3 to 2.5 and WOW! The admin interface was radically different in look and feel – which I loved! Then I checked out the front side of my site – and nothing changed… everything was exactly the same… WHICH ROCKS! An upgrade that added functionality, usability, and stability AND didn’t break anything… AMAZING! WP Rocks!

  2. I love the word press blog software. I am sort of a tech head but when you don’t have to use it why bother. Word Press made it so easy it saves me bunches of time. Thank for all the free time… we all need more of that!

  3. And they´ve been well advised to do so. Although WordPress has been criticized for not beeing the fastest to solve security-problems, it´s still the best that bloggers can have.

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