Congratulations to Andrew Ozz (azaozz)

Not only does Andrew Ozz have one of the coolest names ever (His name starts with A and ends with Z, for heaven’s sake!), he also just gained commit access to the WordPress project! Congratulations, and well-deserved. The vote was unanimous. 🙂

Andrew’s specialty is the Visual Editor (a.k.a. “Rich Text Editor”). At first, I hated the Visual Editor. Now I frequently use it. Andrew gets a lot of the credit for that. Welcome to the team!

Psst: WordPress 2.6 is now available for your blogging pleasure.

20 thoughts on “Congratulations to Andrew Ozz (azaozz)

  1. I always switched it off in my profile because I could never imagine using a clicky-clicky editor, but I recently tried it out to see if a new client would like it… Whoa, baby! Now I’ve turned it back on for my own use. Permanently! 🙂

    Thanks Andrew! (Andrew Ozz… the alpha and the omega!)

  2. Way to go Andrew.
    Some feedback:
    Could you group the functions more logically. bold,italic and underline in same place.

    The color text button is useless. The css controls that. What is needed is a hightlite text button. I keep wanting to do that all the time.

    Also whoever designs the layout of editor for posts and pages needs to rethink it. I guess you developers are spoiled with 20″ screens. I do all my work on a laptop and 2.5 really went in the wrong direction for me. The widget manager is a huge space hog and space is wasted on the right column.

    I want to see all my categories at once like before. Scrolling should be avoided at all cost. I only think custom fiields and excerpts benefit from the extra width; all else can be compactly displayed on the right column.

    The title of the blog is way to big. I know what blog I am in. A lot of info could be doubled up. Conserve vertical space to reduce scrolling. It is bad enough scrolling the post entry then the outer window needs scrolling. Really this is a usability weakness of major import to me; that is where blogger spend 90% of time. Lean and compact is the order of the day. I have been blogging since 2004. What about newbies?

    Also the menu design is poor. I use a plug in that makes it hierarchical but why doesn’t WP address this directly? Think optimize for common actions.

    Thanks for listening,

  3. Actually I have one question. Its been bugging me a little…

    If I want to wrap some text with xxx in the same way I would wrap text with strong by using the B button. How would I do it – there is no code button. And code is not listed with all the other styles in the dropdown.

    Bloggers are “always” writing technical stuff. Should this be there by default?



  4. @Dan Milward To quickly wrap couple of words in CODE tag, would usually switch to the HTML editor and use the button there. A setting can be added to TinyMCE to enable entering of the tag, but it’s on a drop-down menu, not as convenient.

    For larger blocks of code, best would be to use one of the code highlighting plugins. They make it a lot easier to enter and display source code in WordPress.

  5. Thanks Andrew for the feedback. And while I’m here… congrats again 😀



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