Upcoming events I’ll be attending

Here’s a list of upcoming blogging/WordPress/tech events that I’m planning on attending:

  • Blog Orlando – September 27th
    This event has been a bunch of fun the last two years — wouldn’t miss it. I’ll be speaking on “Advanced WordPress”
  • WordCamp Toronto – October 4th and 5th
    Will be attending, and may be speaking too.
  • BarCamp Tampa Bay – October 11th and 12th
    The tech/blogging community in Tampa has recently started to get more organized, and this should be a good way of meeting more of the local people.
  • WordCamp Charlotte – November 15th
    I’ll be giving the keynote presentation at this WordCamp event.

Hope to see you at one of those events! Β And if you’re in New York City, be sure to check out WordCamp New York, on October 5th (hey, there’s a testament to WordPress’ gaining popularity — there are two WordPress camps on the same day!)

13 thoughts on “Upcoming events I’ll be attending

  1. i dream bout wordcamp in indonesia. . . when going happen?
    huhuhuhuhu . . . (crying Mode= ON )
    because bloging is amazing activity.
    nothing can stop for learn about WP

    thanks for this info, Sir πŸ˜€

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