My wife Sarah and I were in Wal-Mart last night, when we saw someone walking around with a shirt that said “Girl’s go’in wild.” We had a good chuckle over the atrocious and arbitrary punctuation. Then I thought “hey, this might make for a good blog.”

4 hours later, Wordsplosion was online. It’s pretty amazing that you can go from idea to execution in a matter of hours using WordPress. Wordsplosion showcases “the best of the worst of the wide world of words.” It contains (and will continue to contain) all manner of grammatical errors, punctuation gaffes, misspellings, horrible typography, etc. It’s LOL cats for smart people.

I used the amazing Journalist theme as a base. Go check it out!

27 thoughts on “Wordsplosion!

  1. Way amusing, Mark. I laughed my fat off. My favorite is the note from the eight grader, and it brought back an amusing memory.

    More than a few years ago, my then-teenage daughter brought home a note from a person who liked her–I mean, a secret admirer LOL–that had her hormones raging. She insisted I read it, which I did aloud, pronouncing the words as written. I still tell her to this day, “Honey, you have the face of an angle.”

    You and the Mrs. sound like my kind of whacked-out, but literate, people.

    Best regards,


  2. Wondrous!!! We need to be reminded that it’s AN Army for once! Thanks for this excellent idea!

    NOW – – You need some rest – Take a break for your self and your creative juices and quit upgrading WordPress every other day!! Maybe every six months?!? I keep having to reload everything!! lol

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