Heading to SXSW, WordPress consulting availability in mid-May

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. If you’re going to be there, and you’re a WordPress fan, make sure you say hi and let me know what cool uses you’ve found for WordPress! The best way to find out where I am or to get in contact with me is to follow me on Twitter. Ping me in an @message if you’d like to chat.

Also, if you have need of a WordPress guru, I’m back on the market! My contract with b5media has moved to a part-time arrangement, so if you’re looking for someone to figure out how WordPress and your company or product fit together, drop me a note or track me down while I’m in Austin. I have a really exciting secret project occupying my time until mid-May, but if you can wait a few months to start your project, we can start that conversation now.

7 thoughts on “Heading to SXSW, WordPress consulting availability in mid-May

  1. Just surfing the web and found your site,I am also involved with people search and background checks.Your site has been really helpful thanks.

  2. From markjaquith.com:

    … really bad at answering e-mails

    I’ve been following up our earlier conversation about your availability this month but haven’t seen a reply of late. Are you still available? What’s the latest?

  3. Over the past few months, I have taught myself how to use WordPress and to install plugins, but I never understood how the plugins worked. Don’t know if I’ll ever write one, but now I can read the php script with some level of understanding. Thank you Mark

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