Typographica relaunches on WordPress

Typographica, the excellent blog for typographical nerds, has just relaunched on WordPress with a great new design by Chris Hamamoto. Asked why they switched from Movable Type to WordPress, Stephen Coles replied:

For me, it seemed an obvious switch given WordPress’ wide adoption in recent years. We’ve often had trouble getting assistance with MT, whether it’s documentation or expert advice. Because WordPress is so common, the help resources and useful plugins are simply much more accessible.

WordPress’ killer features are its community and its marketplace: thousands of free plugins, thousands of free themes, and hundreds of agencies and freelancers providing every possible WordPress development and support service you can imagine.

16 thoughts on “Typographica relaunches on WordPress

  1. Nice to see someone noticed the switch. Yes, loving WP. I only wish there were a simpler way to redirect all our legacy content. We have 7 years of backlinks out there, so I am still quite hesitant to replace the MT content that lives at typographica.org. Ideas?

  2. Over the past few months, I have taught myself how to use WordPress and to install plugins, but I never understood how the plugins worked. Don’t know if I’ll ever write one, but now I can read the php script with some level of understanding. Thank you Mark

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