New Plugin – “I Make Plugins”

I have several WordPress plugins. They’re hosted on the plugin repository, but I also have a page for each plugin on my own site. I’ve found it tedious to have to update both places separately. Things get out of sync, or worse, I put off plugin updates because I loathe updating two places (with two different formats) with the same information.

The WordPress plugin repository has an API. Let’s use it! I Make Plugins is a plugin for WordPress plugin authors to let them easily showcase their plugins on their own site, solely by updating the plugin’s readme.txt file.

Adding a plugin is as simple as creating a new subpage of your plugin listing page, and giving it the name of your plugin in the repository. All the information comes from the API and is kept up to date.

Here is a nine and a half minute. boring-as-hell screencast with a full tour of the plugin.

I realize that writing a plugin for plugin developers is probably a futile gesture. Plugin developers are choosy people, and many may already have their own setup for managing their stable of plugins. I wrote this for myself — but let me know if you find it useful!

43 thoughts on “New Plugin – “I Make Plugins”

  1. Hi!

    I like to have my plugins as posts. There are no way to use you plugin for that, right?

    A nice feature would be to be able to insert a shortcode in posts like [plugin name=”I make plugins”] and it will show the information of that plugin.

    Let me know, would be great for me and probably others!

    1. Does that mean you will add it to the next version? I don’t want to hack your plugin because then I need to do it every time I’ll update the plugin in the future.

      If you add it and it works like expected, I’ll blog about your plugin on and devdevote.

      Good work so far anyway!

  2. Thank you soooo much for this video! I downloaded 1.0 a few nights ago and had no idea what to do with it… after watching the video, everything worked smoothly. Great plugin btw! Been looking for something like this for a while.

  3. Excellent plugin! And very user friendly, we had it up and running in no time. It will definitely save lots of time and keep things in order.

  4. Being in the process of writing my first plugin it is nice to see I csan take some shortcuts. Now I just need to learn to use the WP plugin repository 🙂

  5. Great plugin Mark

    Only suggestion I would have is to allow some control over where the plugin list template code is placed on that container page as I like to give a little context to my plugin work first.

    To clarify – currently the cotaine page has:

    Plugin list template

    I wouild like to have the option to display as

    Plugin list template


    1. Agreed. I think I’ll include an optional [plugin_list] shortcode that you can manually place to override the default “append” behavior.

  6. Great Plugin!!!

    How about other languages?

    In some plugins, in addition to “readme.txt”, there are “readme-{{WPLANG}}.txt” files where we add descriptions in other languages.

    Can you add support for those files?

  7. this is very good plugin..i really like it and tell me when will its new version released..
    i am waiting for it

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