Bookmarklet to install a WordPress Plugin

As a followup to my previous post, I’ve created a bookmarklet that you can use to install a WordPress plugin. While viewing a plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory, click this bookmarklet, and you’ll be guided in installing that plugin on your site.

Here’s a screencast showing it in action!

22 thoughts on “Bookmarklet to install a WordPress Plugin

  1. What would be even better is to make bookmarklet which would point directly to plugin installation page on a site.

    User will need to enter his URL once (like now) and he’ll get a bookmarklet with his URL in it.

    1. Thought about that, but lots of people have multiple WordPress installs. You could, however, alter the bookmarklet to pass in &

    2. Yeah, that is good solution too, but if both plugin slug and URL are passed, why we aren’t redirected to installation page and instead we get prefilled form where we need to press one more button?

  2. Mark — this Rocks!

    Idea for improvement: Let’s say I have two blogs — and Maybe it could be set up so that I can set a cookie that stores my blogs, and then When this page pops up, I have two buttons — one for each blog.

    🙂 Not looking a gift horse in the mouth. 🙂 This a great bit of coding you’ve done.

    Of course, with passing the URL as described in previous comment, I could actually just make a separate link for each blog, couldn’t I? Hmmm….

  3. Does the work for plugins that are not in the directory? I wanted to install the KeywordLuv plugin but I didn’t find it in the directory.
    Thanks for the bookmarklet.

  4. Hi Mark,
    I am sure you know it, but I want it to say it anyway.
    Your wonderful bookmarklet stopped functioning after upgrading to WordPress 3.1
    Any chance of getting it back on track? It has become an indispensable part of by now.

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