Upcoming WordPress Events

On September 8th, I’ll be at the Tampa Bay WordPress meetup to talk about WordPress custom post types. If you’re a WordPress developer or themer in the area, you should stop by! The meetup is at 7pm at CDB’s Southside in South Tampa.

WordCamp Portland is on September 18th and 19th at Webtrends. My talk is called “Swan Dive! …into the Best WordPress of your Life,” and it’s all about using WordPress to its fullest. Everything from hosting to scaling and everything from upgrades to insider ninja moves will be covered.

9 thoughts on “Upcoming WordPress Events

  1. Ha, nice Old Spice reference, especially considering the advertising firm that did that campaign is from Portland and Isaiah Mustafa (the actor) was born here as well!

  2. i will be in south korea-and then at hongkong-and later at KL-johr bahru-in malaysia
    thus shall be unable to attend at meet
    best wishes
    Dr Dinesh k Jani-

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