Custom WordPress laptop skin


Custom WordPress skin for MacBook Pro

It took forever to cut out, because it was printed against a white vinyl background, and I wanted the background to show the aluminum of the laptop. But I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?

63 thoughts on “Custom WordPress laptop skin

    1. It was a custom skin from Infectious. $29.99. Normally it’s printed on a white backing. I spent about on hour with scissors and a hobby knife cutting it out and carefully placing the four different pieces.

    1. Good Tip Shafina,

      I was creating a personal one there, and I’m going to buy as soon as my new MBP arrives.

  1. Neat-o….now I am thinking about one too. And this is the year I was going to finally put tinting on my car windows to cut out the sun…..slightly related comment, but not really… oh well…..rambling today! nice job.

  2. That looks really good and professional, but im sure it would have looked better on a Dell. 😉

    Maybe you could open up a little side bussiness with laptop skins

  3. You could of used a transparent background and saved yourself the trouble. That’s what I did.

    …. unless you did, in which case when this shows up I’ll be disappointed.

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