Just you and your thoughts

In 2007, I wrote this about the job of software:

That’s when I know WordPress is doing its job: when people aren’t even aware they’re using it because they’re so busy using it!

I cited that more as a direction, than a goal. If the job of software is to get out of the way, it never completely reaches it — it just gets closer and closer. Sort of how dividing a number in half an infinite number of times never quite gets you to zero.

Today, in 2011, I took this screenshot of the Distraction-Free Writing interface for the upcoming WordPress 3.2:

screenshot of WordPress Distraction Free Writing interface. A title, and a body.

How’s that for getting out of your way?

23 thoughts on “Just you and your thoughts

  1. I’m no UI guy, but I would have thought that “Publish” and “Save as Draft” wouldn’t be too out of place somewhere at the bottom, but I guess that’s already been discussed (Surely!!)

  2. For a guy with one eye, this will surely allow me to save a few muscle movements instead of looking all over the screen thinking of what I need to do next after writing my post;)

    Yes. One eye and a WP tattoo…ask me to take it out at the next WC and I will;) The eye I mean!

  3. Thats the right way indeed!

    Is the same goal we’re trying to achieve with our Live Theme Editor by giving users full control on their theme’s look and feel with absolutely no coding need. If you want to check how does it works check here: http://vimeo.com/23047097

  4. One of the issues with the current editor is the font size – I hope the new distraction free writing mode will be easier on the eyes. Besides, I have always felt that people who read my articles are able to read it so big and clear, but me who is struggling hard to write it and edit it (sometimes for hours) get to see those small characters in the editor!!

  5. I regularly use open in new tab when clicking the view post or the preview. I don’t think about it either, I just do it.

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