Page Links To v3.0

Today I pushed an update to my redirect and repointing plugin, Page Links To. Tomorrow, this plugin will have been in the Plugin Directory for 13 years (it was the 339th plugin in the WordPress plugin repository; there are now over 75,000!).

To celebrate its transition to a teenager, I’ve added some new features and UI enhancements.

Last month, I received survey responses from over 800 Page Links To users and learned a lot about how it’s being put to work. One of the most interesting things I found was how many people are using it for URL redirects. For example, they might have a really long URL on their own site or someone else’s site that they want to be nice. instead of But in order to create these redirects, you have to go through the cluttered and sometimes slow post creation screen. All you really need to create a redirect is a title, a destination URL, and a local short URL.

You’ll now find a menu item “Add Page Link” that will allow you to quickly add a redirected Page without having to wait for the entire WordPress post editing interface to load. It’s super fast, and it doesn’t redirect you away from the screen you’re on.

Since short URLs are better for sharing (and remembering), the UI will give you a little push to shorten the URL if the one generated from your title is too long. From there, you can Save Draft or Publish.

Hey, that URL is getting a bit long
Custom slug, for a better short URL

Additionally, this release includes a “link” indicator on post and page list screens, so you can easily see what items have been re-pointed with Page Links To. When hovered, the link icon will reveal the destination URL for a quick view.

The “link” icon means that this item has been pointed elsewhere.

If you want to grab the “local” short URL (which will be redirected to your chosen URL when someone visits it), just click “Copy Short URL” from the actions, and it’ll be in your clipboard.

Hover the “link” icon to see where it’s pointing.

That’s it for version 3.0, but I’ll have more to announce soon — stay tuned!

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