Beta testers needed for Subscribe to Comments

I have a new version of Subscribe to Comments that will be coming out soon. The storage system for the subscriptions is changing (or rather, being consolidated into one method, instead of being spread into two). The good news is that this new version has zero database schema changes from WordPress core. It also adds support for double opt-in subscriptions for compatibility with German law (and possibly others). Before I release this version, I’d like some other people to test it, especially to make sure that the transition of subscription storage method works smoothly.

What I need are two or three people who meet the following criteria:

  1. Current running WordPress 2.7 or 2.7.1
  2. Currently running Subscribe to Comments 2.1.2
  3. Have a large number of comment subscriptions (at least 500)
  4. Are able to make a SQL backup of their comments table prior to testing, and restore it in the event that something goes wrong

If you meet those criteria, send an e-mail to and I’ll get you hooked up.