WordPress Skeleton

At my “Scaling, Servers, and Deploys — Oh My!” talk (slides) at WordCamp San Francisco 2011, I talked a bit about my ideal WordPress repo setup. In the spirit of sharing, I’ve now made that skeleton setup into a GitHub repo.

What you get is a WordPress repo starter kit. WordPress is in a subdirectory (/wp/), content is in a custom directory (/content/), and uploads are mapped to /shared/content/uploads/, which is a Git-ignored location. Re-symlink as appropriate, or alter your deploy script to do the symlinking on the fly.

You get a nice clean wp-config.php with a few of my tips and tricks already implemented (like local-config.php support for local development). .htaccess is ready to go with WordPress rewrite rules for anyone running on Apache.

I don’t really expect people to use it exactly the way I have it set up (though feel free!). What’s more likely is that people will fork it, and then make it their own. For instance, you may want to add mu-plugins drop-ins that you frequently use. Have fun!