How should “Post updated. View Post” links open?

We’ve gone back and forth on this. How should the “View Post” link that shows up next to the “Post updated” (or similar) text work? Should it open in the same window/tab, or should it open in a new window/tab?

The problem with this question is that the people who have really strong opinions in favor of opening the tab in the same window are all power users. They’re people like me. I don’t think I can give an objective answer on this, because manually opening a window in a new tab is a skill that I don’t even think about, I use it so much. I realize that’s probably not the case for many WordPress users.

We’re going to use the honor system on this, so be honest:

Do not vote in this poll if your mouse has more features than two buttons and a scroll wheel, and you know how to use them. Do not vote in this poll if you know what “middle-clicking” is.

I’m abstaining from voting, as my mouse has 7 buttons, one 4-way scroll wheel, and another two-way thumb wheel. 🙂