11 thoughts on “OpenID.net relaunches using WordPress 2.3

  1. Delighted to hear it. Also delighted to hear that there’s an OpenID integration plugin that works with 2.3. What’s it called, and where do we get it?

    Neither of the OpenID plugins in the WP directory are currently claiming to work with 2.3, although, hey, they might: the plugin compatability list is non-committal; forum questions on the subject are uniformly “unresolved”. I’m not much inclined to try out a pre-2.3 version of anything on my main blog unless it’s cleared in the compatability list.

    (What I’m after, btw, is OpenID for a self-hosted WP blog, in case that isn’t obvious…)

  2. @enthusemarc: they’re using my plugin found here. The current “stable” release is indeed not compatible with WP2.3, but they are running the latest code from trunk… it’s pretty stable at this point. There are just a few minor bugs I want to work out before I make a new release. For what it’s worth, I am also running it in production on my site as is Chris Messina.

  3. @enthusemarc:

    I’m also using Will Norris’s openid plugin out of trunk. I had only a few minor issues which I sent patches to Will about.

    Will’s been really responsive about dealing with bugs and such, so give it a try. 😀


  4. @Will: thx for responding. Considering I don’t have OpenID on my site at all yet, I’ll wait for the new version release. If people are already running the code from trunk, I guess it isn’t too far off.

  5. Hey, didn’t SixApart contribute heavily to OpenID? You know, the people who make MoveableType? Wow, it’s kind of ironic, if that’s the case, that OpenID.net has gone to *anything* other than MT.
    Kind of interesting, though. Not sure how I feel about OpenID on my site, mainly because I don’t think I’m big enough to bother with it. OTH, if there’s an easy-to-implement WP plugin….

  6. Mark, wondering your thoughts on the difference between OpenID and Gravatar. Ok WordPress now runs the show for Gravator but for someone running a WordPress blog whats the difference between the two (security and/or features).

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