WordPress Q & A: Week of September 27

Ricky asks:

Thanks for your time. I’m working on a site where I’d like members to be able to submit posts, but I’d like to be able to moderate them first before they go live.

Kinda similar to what WP can do for comments, I’d like to do for posts. Is that possible?

Certainly! What you want is to open up registration and make the default role for new users “Contributor” instead of “Subscriber.” Contributors can submit posts for review, but not publish them. They’ll show up as “pending review” in the backend, and will require an Editor or Administrator to publish them. There are even plugins available to facilitate posting from the front end, such as Gravity Forms ($39 and up, GPL).

Allan asks:

I have hit an incredibly frustrating hitch with WP, and that is getting a text file with the content of my posts. I need a single file I can load into page layout software. I know about Blog Booker and Blurb but would like more layout control than those services offer.

If you need this for a bunch of posts on an ongoing basis, I’d create a custom page template and just have it do query_posts('posts_per_page=9999'); (or however many posts you want), and then do a basic loop. Look at a simple theme for inspiration on the template tags… it all depends on how you need it formatted.

10 thoughts on “WordPress Q & A: Week of September 27

  1. I really like gravity forms a ton. I can’t wait until you can use gravity forms to make an inline page registration form. That would great! The great thing about Gravity Forms(http://thedigitalfox.com/gravity) is they provide awesome support and a ton of upgrades. Well worth the upgrade. I have them at my site (http://thedigitalfox.com) and I would very turn back. I have been doing design for years and they look the best and work the best. Hands down! Have to use them.

  2. Gravity Forms is hands down the best wp plugin I have ever purchased and the support is amazing as well.

    I hired David to create a custom form for users to fill out to submit ‘custom posts’ to my site and it works perfectly. Actually I like it even better than the wp post admin.

    I do wish however, that wp would come up with an easy way for front end posting of custom post-types that I could include in my theme releases.

    There are a few ‘free’ techniques out there for this, but none are as elegant as wp.

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