Act now to stop Internet censorship legislation in the United States

Right now, the United States Congress is holding hearings on legislation that will have disastrous effects on free speech and the Internet. This video gives a good overview:

One of the reasons that I help make WordPress is because of my deeply held conviction that free speech is the most powerful and beneficial tool humans have ever had at their disposal. The Internet is a grand experiment that not only makes communications fast — it embraces freedom by design. This legislation is a low level attack against the system of trust upon which the Internet is based. It’s an attack on freedom of speech and on economic freedom. It’s corporate cynicism of the worst kind.

Act now, and be sure that your legislators know you oppose this legislation.

21 thoughts on “Act now to stop Internet censorship legislation in the United States

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this. I couldn’t feel more strongly about it – opposed to the legislation of course. I sent it out on my twitter feed, and will write my letter tomorrow.

  2. This is a fantastic and educational video that should be shared with everyone concerned about the future of democracy and transparancy in government. Somehow we have lost the all governance in government – we would like to include this video on our site. Join the Movement – Thanks for creating this excellent video Mark –

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