83 thoughts on “Matt Cutts praises WordPress SEO benefits

  1. I was brokenhearted to learn that canonical URL features of wordpress 2.3 are not active/enabled on IIS hosting 😦 i’m forced into IIS by my other business needs :,(

  2. This is actually a great interview. I love how chill Matt Cutts is.

    I’m going to check out 2.3 real quick. I made my own edits to the WP and they’re not exactly what I want. Hopefully this is better. Thanks!

  3. Stephen, that was a tough decision, but IIS is just too unpredictable. And when the canonical URL feature fails, it has the potential to fail spectacularly, bringing the site down and causing a huge amount of load on the server (infinite redirects!)

  4. I was at the Vegas show. Matt was, by far, the best keynote speaker at the conference.

    And yes, he said that if he were starting a business and wanted to drive traffic to his website then he would install a WordPress blog. He said that WordPress is the perfect tool for search engine optimization (SEO).

    At the Search Engine Panel, Matt sat along with folks from Ask, MSN, and Yahoo. No comparison. It is no wonder that Google is dominating the market.

    Thanks to the folks at WordPress, your software is great.

  5. Man thanks so much for posting this video. I never knew some of the info on video. I am going to make transcripts form now on for all of them. 🙂

  6. what’s canonical url?

    Try this. It’s sort of geeky, but the gist of it is that you get an automatic SEO boost just because you’re using WordPress because WordPress will funnel requests (to the best of its abilities) to the correct URL, lowering duplicate content penalties and consolidating Page Rank on the proper (canonical) URL for your post.

  7. Found this post via Matt Cutts’ page! Haven’t had the chance to upgrade to 2.3 yet, but heard great things. Thanks for your hard work Mark 🙂

  8. I am not sure why people are singing praises because of programming so much. Google and Yahoo are both link polularity engines. links account for the majority of serps. I can make frame sites rank with enough quality links and beat out all of the technology that most think is the miricle program for seo.

    keep it simple and you will do well with seo. Matt has stated to kieep it simple and just do it the right way and you will have no worries.

  9. I have to agree from personal experience – running our company website on WordPress not only got us indexed in google in no time when we launched, but it also get our news indexed within 1-2 hours after posting them. I dont really think this is just a WordPress feature but has more to do with RSS-support and the ping functionality that is built into it though.

    Apart from that the All-in-one-SEO plugin together with WordPress’ standard URL rewrite options makes for a killer SEO-CMS for many websites – not just for blogs.

    Good interview!

  10. Nice interview, thanks for posting it. WordPress has a few unfortunate limitations unless you are willing to install and host each blog yourself. The advertising limits and javascript usage being banned on the hosted version can be quite limiting for most people. The format and quality of your content will normally outweigh any boost a platform offers which will probably be short term. Interesting most of the comments only touch on the first 20 seconds of the interview content…

  11. What a good news for all who want to have their blog. Matt has really raised an important issue regarding blog creation. Matt has some kind words for WordPress, specifically related to SEO and the canonical URL improvements that went into WordPress 2.3. Thanks for this important interview.

  12. Google is really making an effort to promote small business web platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla. It makes sense from a business perspective: the more small businesses can easily get on the web, the more content it gets to index.

    And with Adwords having being so easy to plug into these open source platforms, it should increase their advertising network. Hopefully they regain a bit more ground on placing ads in relevant places.

    The great thing about Google’s support of these platforms in SEO terms, is that Google can actually integrate the ‘structuring of content’ by this technology into its algorithms, like what they’ve done with blogger (A blogger account was fully SEO optimized out of the box, and from what I’ve been told this is partly because Google adjusted it’s algorithms when it came to Blogger sites).

    Google’s dedication to open source platforms is great news for small publishers: now they don’t have to overly worry about SEO in technical terms, and can just focus on providing great content.

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  14. @Stephen

    Sadly this is one of the main drawbacks of WordPress on IIS. However, it still works great with search engines.

    I’m Very Impressed with Matt Cutts and his public speaking abilities.

  15. Cheers for that. It’s interesting how Matt uses WordPress for his own, well ranked, blog. As people have pointed out, he could have used blogger!

    Thanks again,

    SEO Alchemist

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  17. Great stuff!

    I follow what Matt Cutts says very carefuly, as I’m sure all SEO’s do. Working with google would really be a heck of a lot harder without Matt interfacing with us, I think the whole web marketing world should have a national Matt Cutts appreciation day once a year!! 😉

    WordPress is amazing too, as are the vast number of great plugins that are being created constantly.



  18. Matt Cutts did indeed worked for the CIA briefly. After discovering terrorist cells in America, uncovering Hoffa’s burial site, and answering all the remaining questions about aliens and ufo’s Matt was asked to leave. When asked why the then CIA director, Robert Gates, reported “Matt just took the fun and mystery out of the job for us.”

  19. I think WordPress is best Blog product to come out of the opensource movement. Especially great support for google sitemap products and SEO products.

    SEO Expert and Marketing Strategist

  20. Cutts and Google have always been enamored with WordPress for it’s remarkable interlinking functionality, canonical url features, seo-friendly and clean permalink structure and support for true SEO.

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